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We will promote, manage, and sell
your property to the perfect buyer

Global Marketing

In response to the continuously transforming real estate industry in Saranda, Elites Realty Group has created a team of incredibly proficient experts, each a specialist in their own domain. The company’s dedicated in-house marketing  manages all promotional activities, which enables it to improve its proficiency and maintain a competitive advantage.The Elite deliver high-quality services uniquely made for every property listed with us. Leveraging unmatched experience and knowledge, Elites Realty significantly cuts down the time for content creation while guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Elites Realty improves the conventional marketing approaches and customizes its services for each property to deliver superior results that surpass anticipations. The company is focused on revolutionizing real estate in Albania marketing and creating a benchmark for escalating success, by offering top-tier services to homeowners and sellers that market their properties in Saranda with a sign of great quality.

To learn more about our customized marketing strategies designed for each property in Saranda, refer to the information provided below:

Listing Images

Our adept in-house realty photographers in Saranda utilize their profound knowledge and exclusive methods to curate a magnificent list of professional images for each real estate in Saranda. Each photography, whether taken in the morning or under the fascinating allure of night, is meticulously constructed to exhibit the property in its most flattering aspect. Our photographers work with the latest video production techniques, including high-quality cameras, drones, lighting, and editing software, to create an immersive experience that highlights your property in Saranda at the best possible light. 

Lifestyle Videos

At Elites Realty Group, we operate with models and social media influencers from Albania and Abroad to highlight a property’s distinct personality and environment via visually captivating films and photography. This tailored marketing paves the way for the property to engage a wider audience, therefore imparting a touch of sophistication and quality to the high-end real estate market in Saranda, Albania.

Video Presentations

Nowadays we are dominated by the digital world and prevalent social media influence, a superior video presentation of a property is crucial. At Elite’s Realty, we leverage our professionals in real estate in Saranda promotion to generate exquisite video presentations that bring higher value to your property, emphasize its distinctive attributes, and underscore its lifestyle charm. 

Utilizing high-quality video production methodologies, we create immersive viewing experiences that present your property in its most favorable aspect. This strategy ensures your property stands out in the ever-competitive real estate market in Saranda, Albania resonating with prospective buyers visually and emotionally.

Branded Videos

In an era surrounded by similarity in social media content, we’ve guaranteed ourselves to the comprehensive production of property videos in our exclusive style. Our marketing experts at Elite’s Realty excel in creating bespoke exclusive films that showcases the splendour of Saranda properties in a way like no other. These state-of-the-art visual representations, distinguished as “Elites Realty Homes,” aim to offer an unparalleled viewing experience. They capture the quintessence of luxury living in Saranda, invoking emotional responses and inspiring awe with every frame.

Area Tours

At Elites Realty Group, we understand the significance of a property’s location in Saranda, Albania. Thus, we create Area Tour Videos that not only showcase the property but also the charm and vitality of Saranda city. Our intent is to craft engaging tours that inspire viewers, letting them envision the full potential of the property nestled within the vibrant city.

Virtual Tour

In our commitment to provide an immersive experience, we offer innovative virtual 3D tours. These allow potential buyers to explore Saranda properties remotely, negating the need for in-person visits. Our virtual tours employ high-quality imagery and videography to deliver an intricately detailed and realistic representation of the property under construction, down to its layout, features, and finishes.

Bespoke Branding

We believe every property in Saranda city holds a unique story. Hence, we dedicate time to develop bespoke branding for each. Our in-house experts meticulously curate a brand that captures the essence of the property and distinguishes it from the rest. The bespoke branding includes logos, brand names, and concepts tailored to resonate with the property’s target audience.

Property Tour

Experience property tours like never before with Elites Realty Group. Through our expert team, including professional videographers, we create immersive property tours on our YouTube channel. Our tours go beyond showcasing a property’s distinct features. We encapsulate the lifestyle it offers, stimulating your senses and painting a vivid picture of what it would feel like to live there. Blending innovative videography with compelling storytelling, we make each tour an emotional journey, allowing you to envision your life in our showcased properties.

Property Tour Reels & Tik Tok

Leveraging the power of Instagram Reels and Tiktok, Elites Realty Group in Saranda has transformed the way we engage with a global audience. Our visually appealing property tours have gained significant traction, with videos remarkably achieving over 1,000,000 million views within 2 weeks on average. These catchy videos offer a dynamic and creative platform to showcase our listings, resonating with our audience and propelling our reach like never before.

Elite's Website

Our Elites Realty Group website has gained significant recognition, becoming a primary resource for property exploration in Saranda, Albania. With over 10,000 visitors per month, our site the leading platform for real estate in Sarandaa most sought-after locations and properties.

Designed with user-experience at its highest, our website ensures a easy and enriching experience for clients, buyers, vendors, and everyday visitors alike. By harnessing various online advertising and marketing strategies, we channel a significant amount of lead traffic to your property.

Consequently, featuring your property in the exclusive section of our website can attract a substantial number of daily organic visits. This high visibility offers an unparalleled opportunity for positioning your house in the market, helping it reach a broader audience and prospective buyers and a fast sale.

Individual Property Website

At Elites Realty Group, we believe in offering tailored solutions for each property in Saranda. As part of this commitment, we create a unique website for each property in Saranda, Albania. These dedicated websites serve as comprehensive hubs of information where potential buyers can find high-quality images, thorough descriptions, and other vital details.

By having an individual website for each of our exclusive properties in Saranda, we’re able to manage both the quality and volume of information accessible to potential buyers. This ensures that they have all the necessary data to make well-informed decisions. Moreover, these dedicated websites offer a streamlined way to showcase the property to potential buyers without having to navigate through our exclusive listings on the Elites Realty Group’s main website.

Exclusive International Real Estate Events

We are committed to ensuring that our client’s properties receive the maximum exposure possible. One of the ways we achieve this is by attending real estate expo events throughout the year to showcase our properties to potential buyers and tenants.

Real estate expo events provide us with an opportunity to present our properties in a way that’s engaging and memorable. By attending these events, we can showcase our properties to a global audience, build relationships with other industry professionals, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the real estate industry.

Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

Elite’s Magazine

Elites magazine is our annual publication that beautifully documents the year’s highlights and sets the tone for trends in architecture and interior design in Saranda, Albania. Serving as a comprehensive guide, it provides up-to-date insights into the local real estate market in Saranda and lifestyle. 

Beyond its informational value, it acts as a sophisticated coffee table book showcasing our finest properties in Saranda. These volumes adorn our website and physical offices, attracting and engaging potential customers who frequent our spaces.

In addition to our digital presence, we extend our reach through physical distribution. Elite’s Magazine, along with informative brochures, are shared both physically in strategic locations and digitally, enabling wider accessibility. 

Marketing Strategies for Under-Construction Properties

At Elites Realty Group in Saranda, we begin marketing and sell properties in Saranda while they’re still under construction. This proactive approach ensures maximum exposure and garners favorable attention as of our Elite Exclusive Project.

Creation of High Quality 3D Images

In partnership with top-tier 3D rendering companies, we meticulously craft images that capture every aspect of a property. From textures and finishes to lighting and ambiance, our goal is to create visually stunning representations that accurately depict the property’s unique character and charm.

Development of High Quality 3D Videos

In addition to images, we bring projects to life with immersive 3D videos. These kind of visuals allow users to walk in the properties and have a realistic sensation and show the exact measures of each property. Our video renders, distributed through targeted social media marketing campaigns, have the capacity to reach an extensive audience, further amplifying a property’s exposure.

Ongoing on-site monitoring and digital engagement for under-construction properties

At Elites Realty Group in we prioritize regular, monthly visits to our under-construction properties in Saranda. This consistent engagement by our marketing team is key to updating potential buyers and partners on the progress of the development. Complementing our on-site visits, we also employ drone technology to capture an all-encompassing perspective of the ongoing construction.

Property Showcasing During The Construction Phase

As soon as a property’s construction reaches around 60-70% completion, we take marketing a step further. We craft professional videos featuring our agents who guide viewers through the property, explaining its unique elements. This strategy not only generates excitement around the nearly completed property but also attracts new clients eager to explore the near-completed home.

Elite's Architects

At Elites Realty Group, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to real estate in Saranda. Our service extends beyond facilitating property purchases, providing buyers with complimentary access to our team of expert interior architects. This gifted team offers bespoke interior design guidance, bringing ideas to life through stunning 4K renderings. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, our architects specialize in crafting custom designs to perfectly align with your personal tastes. This value-added service ensures that your new apartment becomes more than a purchase; it becomes your personalized living space.

Our Developments​

Elites Realty Group is also a premier real estate and construction firm in Saranda. We build exclusive, distinctive developments under our esteemed brand, creating unparalleled landmarks within Saranda. To promote these unique constructions, we deploy an innovative marketing strategy powered by cutting-edge digital technology. Our professionals capture the allure of each development through high-quality photos and videos, which emphasise each property’s unique characteristics. This blend of modern technology and strategic marketing ensures our developments receive the recognition they warrant, resonating with audiences both locally and globally. Our commitment to excellence in design, construction, and marketing sets our properties apart, making them truly one-of-a-kind in Saranda.

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