Private Collection

Our Private Collection is a portfolio of exclusive properties that has been carefully chosen. Each property is meticulously hand-selected by our team of real estate professionals, and when it meets certain requirements, it is discretely given to our clients.

Our Private Collection features the finest real estate in Saranda , pairing exceptional homes with extraordinary settings.

If you own a special property in Saranda, we would be pleased to examine its market value and potential prospects for sale. Our experts would be delighted to impart their knowledge and extensive experience in the world of luxury real estate to you.

Contact us at any time to discuss your unique needs if you are a buyer looking to commit big investment on a luxury residence or villa in Saranda. We will keep you informed about off-market properties once we have completed a quick identity check.

For more information about joining Elite’s realty group exclusive community of leading buyers and sellers, please contact us today. 

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