Elites in Stockholm’s famous Real Estate Exhibition


By Vangjel Dhimo on February 22, 2023


Today our team participated in the most famous Real Estate Expo in Stockholm, Sweden. The event lasted 2 days and gathered the best international real estate agencies from different countries such as Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Dubai, Thailand, Portugal, etc. and we were delighted to be among them.

At the event, there was a huge number of companies, such as real estate agencies, construction companies, property management companies, and financial institutions and we had the privilege of meeting a lot of fantastic people and creating new relationships which will have a big impact on our company as well as Saranda’s wellbeing as it becomes more and more famous as the time passes by.

Photo of people interacting at a real estate expo, with industry professionals and potential buyers networking and discussing property investments


There were hundreds of famous real estate agencies and property developers at the exhibition, each with their own systems, culture, and identities, and we met a lot of professionals and were eager to learn more about different backgrounds and exchange ideas and experiences for the benefit of our customer base.

We were amazed at how many people were very interested to get to know about us our country and the city’s culture but also becoming part of our exclusive community and enjoying all the premiums we have to offer. Among them, our existing clients and friends visited us during the expo and we are very happy with the feedback we received from them but most importantly they gave their contribution and we thank them a lot. These kinds of events are the vehicle to showcase and provide our most recent properties and services in order to help people find their right property in Albania and the right place to enjoy their holidays.

Photo of Hotel Scandic in Stockholm, Sweden, showcasing the modern and stylish architecture of the building

As is well known, the foundation of our company is honesty, integrity, uniqueness, and the desire to build on existing relationships while forging new ones. The show provided an excellent opportunity to meet individuals from all around the world, and this was undoubtedly one of the most significant contributions to our company’s database.

I attribute this accomplishment to our devoted staff, who worked tirelessly to provide and serve the best interests of the new individuals who visited our exhibit during the expo. I am extremely pleased with the overall effort made to make those two days a success, as seen by the excellent comments we received from everyone as a result of their dedication.

We are pleased with the success of the show and are already preparing our next event. Our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our clients on-going, and we are confident that our next eventwill help us continue to expand more and more.


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