Frequently Asked Questions

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No, not as a matter of necessity anymore. We as a company make sure and perform the legal due diligence and carry out a property title check dating back, make sure the property is free of any mortgage notes, claims, expropriations, rights-of-way, and, generally, any legal encumbrances before we put it on sale.

Yes. A notary public is a lawyer who has been appointed by the government to handle and certify all real estate transactions, including creating and checking all formal paperwork to guarantee the property is transferred legally.

Not necessarily . We will assist you and clarify property taxation.


According to the Albanian tax authorities, a property’s estimated monetary value is its tax assessed value and it is 0.05% per year.

No, before opening an bank account in Albanian you should own the property with certificate and then you have same rights as the locals have.

The costs for the purchase of a property in Albania are approximately 0.3% notary public and 2% estate agent fees.

The costs of keeping a property are relatively good , the annual property tax is 0.05% of the value purchased , 200-350 euros the yearly maintenance of the building depending on the property and additionally 400-500 euro yearly with water , electricity and wifi connection included.

On our rental management portfolio, we do really manage more than 100 properties. We provide a fully complete package with a personnel that is properly trained and qualified to look after them. We advertise the properties on and AIRBNB for you. The team contains of receptionists, cleaning staff, check-in/check-out personnel, customer service representatives, managers, and assistance for any issues that may arise during your clients’ stay.


After a customer has completed all legal procedures when purchasing a property, or even before that, we ensure to follow you step by step by assisting you in every aspect of finishing your apartment.

We have experienced engineers, architects, and technicians to provide you with new methods for renovating the property you choose to buy, whether it is your home or your business.

Our company will assist you to decorate your space to meet your needs and aspirations by combining experience and constant monitoring of new trends. You’ll get the best results, and your space will be ideal, functional, and reflective of your personality.

In collaboration with the largest insurance companies, we offer comprehensive property insurance with the best terms and lowest premiums.

Yes, of course, we focus exclusively on luxury real estate. While you are the owner of an exquisite property then you can contact us via email. To submit a property, you must be the rightful owner and the property must comply with Albanian law.


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