Dhermi or Himare A Tale of Two Destinations in the Albanian Riviera


By Vangjel Dhimo on August 14, 2023

Albania, a hidden gem in the Balkans, has been gradually gaining traction among global travelers. Its pristine beaches, towering mountains, and rich history beckon the curious and adventurous. Among the myriad destinations within Albania, two seaside villages — Dhermi and Himare — stand out, each offering its own unique allure. But the question often arises: which is better, Dhermi or Himare? Let’s dive into a comparison of these two paradises to help you decide your next travel destination.

himare, Aerial drone view capturing the Ionian sea blue waters, the city's greenery, urban architecture, and surrounding mountains

Location & Accessibility

Dhermi: Located about 42 kilometers south of Vlore, Dhermi has become a favorite for both locals and tourists. One can easily access Dhermi by road, with winding paths that offer breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea.

Himare: Himare sits a bit farther south, approximately 18 kilometers from Dhermi. It too has good road connectivity, making it easily accessible by car.


Dhermi: Dhermi boasts some of the finest beaches in Albania. With its pebbly shores and azure waters, the beaches here are less commercialized. Dhermi Beach itself is expansive and perfect for those who want to soak up the sun in a more relaxed environment. Nearby, Gjipe Beach, with its canyon backdrop, offers a more secluded experience.

Himare: Himare is home to several beaches, the main one being the town beach. Spille Beach and Livadi Beach are other notable spots. These beaches are a mix of pebbles and sand, and while they are slightly more commercialized than Dhermi, they offer a lively ambiance, especially during peak season.

himare, pristine white sandy beach framed by vibrant blue waters and lush greenery.

Nightlife and Activities

Dhermi: Over the years, Dhermi has earned a reputation for its vibrant nightlife. Beach bars and clubs play host to numerous parties, especially during the summer. For the adventurous, Dhermi also offers a plethora of water activities, from jet skiing to parasailing.

Himare: While Himare has its share of nightlife, it tends to be more laid-back compared to Dhermi. This town offers a mix of traditional tavernas and modern bars. As for activities, apart from beach sports, Himare is a great base for exploring nearby historical sites.

History & Culture

Dhermi: While Dhermi is predominantly known for its beaches, it also has a rich cultural history. The village itself dates back to the Byzantine period. The old village, set on the mountainside, is filled with stone houses and narrow alleys, bearing witness to its deep-rooted past.

Himare: Himare stands out for its multicultural background. Historically, it has been a blend of Albanian and Greek cultures. This is evident in its architecture, churches, and local traditions. The Castle of Himare, perched on a hill, is a testament to the town’s storied past.

Dhermi, Architectural cliff-top homes nestled in the mountains, skillfully crafted from rocks with distinct roofing

Accommodation & Food

Dhermi: Dhermi provides a range of accommodation options. From luxurious resorts to cozy guesthouses, there’s something for every budget. When it comes to food, seafood dominates the menu. Fresh catches, served with local wines, provide a gastronomic delight.

Himare: Himare, being larger, offers more variety in terms of accommodation. Whether it’s beachfront hotels or hillside B&Bs, travelers have multiple choices. The food in Himare is a delightful fusion of Albanian and Greek cuisines. Fresh produce, olive oil, and seafood are staple ingredients.

The Verdict

Choosing between Dhermi and Himare boils down to personal preferences.

If you’re seeking a more bohemian vibe, with pulsating nightlife and pristine beaches, then Dhermi might be your pick. It’s a place where you can seamlessly transition from a lazy day at the beach to a lively night partying under the stars.

On the other hand, if a blend of beach life with a touch of history and multiculturalism appeals to you, then Himare is the place to be. Its beaches, history, and culinary delights provide a holistic experience for travelers.

Ultimately, both Dhermi and Himare are jewels of the Albanian Riviera. They exemplify the beauty, warmth, and charm of Albania. No matter where you choose, the experiences and memories you’ll gather will be unparalleled. So, why not visit both and get the best of both worlds? Safe travels! Learn more here!