9 Tips to Raise the Value of Your Luxury Apartments in Saranda


Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, the world of luxury real estate in Saranda offers an array of opportunities and challenges. Understanding how to navigate this market effectively can mean the difference between a profitable investment and a missed opportunity. This comprehensive guide delves into various aspects of buying, maintaining, and enhancing luxury apartments in Saranda.

Facade Matters

The first impression is always crucial, whether you’re looking to buy luxury apartments in Saranda or simply walking through the streets of the city. In Saranda, you’ll encounter a diverse range of buildings, from old to new. It’s important to remember that an old building isn’t necessarily bad, just as a new one isn’t automatically good. People tend to make direct judgments, often forming their first impression within just four seconds. In most cases, they judge a book by its cover—or, in this context, a building by its facade.

When considering buying apartments in Saranda, it’s wise to look for buildings developed by reputable investors who collaborate with skilled architects. These professionals often employ cutting-edge designs and effective lighting to capture attention, especially at night. Be cautious about buildings that, despite good architecture, are not always well-maintained, even small damages in the facade can negatively impact first impressions. Keep in mind that maintenance is a key factor, which we’ll discuss in more detail later.

To ensure that your building is well-managed and features contemporary design, communication with neighbors is essential. By collectively investing in maintenance, you can elevate the value of the entire building.

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Regular Maintenance

Having touched on the importance of maintenance earlier, it’s worth emphasizing that regular upkeep is crucial for both maintaining and increasing the value of your building in Saranda. Effective building management often requires a competent and diligent manager, as well as a community of residents who are committed to the well-being of the property.

The role of the investor is also significant. They must decide whether to manage the property themselves or delegate the responsibility to someone trustworthy. Keeping the property in optimal condition not only enhances its value but also makes it more appealing to prospective buyers or renters.

When it comes to selling your apartments in Saranda, many buyers seek the expertise of technical experts or appraisers, who are experts at identifying potential flaws in your property. Therefore, it’s advisable to address any issues properly, as their assessment often plays a pivotal role in securing buyer interest.

Always Invest in the Bathrooms

Many people don’t place much emphasis on interior design when buying an apartment as an investment. Often, they’ll furnish it modestly, especially if they plan to rent it out. However, one area where spending should not be avoided is the bathroom. Given its smaller size, opting for high-quality tiles and materials can be more affordable than you might think, yet it makes a significant impact on the perception of luxury.

Consider upgrading your bathrooms with features like rainfall showerheads, Jacuzzi tubs, and high-end fixtures. Aim to create a spa-like atmosphere with soothing colors and elegant tiles. Well-maintained and stylish bathrooms are not only a pleasure to use but also play a key role in impressing potential buyers or renters.

Kitchen is the Heart of Each Home

In our specialized marketing for clients, we consistently recommend investing in a well-designed kitchen, as it significantly influences how a home is perceived in videos, photos, and by people who visit. The kitchen is frequently considered the heart of the home, and this holds true even in luxury apartments. An outdated or inefficient kitchen can dissuade potential buyers or renters.

To make your kitchen stand out, invest in modern appliances, high-quality countertops, and premium cabinetry. An open-concept kitchen featuring a stylish island can also greatly enhance its appeal. If you’re considering renovations, opt for energy-efficient appliances. These not only boost the property’s value but also offer the added benefit of reducing operating costs. Thus, our company offers as a free service furnishing apartments through our Architects at the moment of purchase.

Focus on the Flooring

The choice of flooring is crucial, especially in a rapidly evolving world where tastes, technologies, and styles are constantly changing. Consider investing a bit more in larger polished tiles rather than smaller ones, as they are not only easier to clean but also enhance the perception of space. A polished finish on tiles can also make them more appealing to prospective clients or renters.

Pair your flooring with thoughtful lighting to maximize its impact. For example, in kitchens, opt for polished tiles, as this area tends to accumulate dirt and requires frequent cleaning. Certain finishes, like matte grey, are more prone to showing dirt, so selecting flooring that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical can make a significant difference in the long run.

The Colors of the Apartment

In touristy beach locations like Saranda, it’s advisable to opt for a neutral color palette, such as sandy hues, for your apartment’s interior. Neutral colors offer greater flexibility when it comes to matching different furniture options and make it easier to update the decor over time. While renters may be more accommodating of your current taste, some buyers may prefer to switch out the furniture to better suit their own preferences. A neutral backdrop in terms of wall and tile colors allows them—and you—to make such changes more easily.

Having a versatile color scheme is not just beneficial for prospective buyers; it’s also advantageous for you. As styles evolve over the years, a neutral palette will simplify the process of updating your interior, saving you both time and effort in the long run.

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Professional Staging and Photography

Investing in professional staging and high-quality photography can substantially impact how your luxury apartment is viewed by potential buyers or renters. Consider hiring a staging expert to highlight the property’s most appealing features, and enlist a professional photographer to capture these details in the best light. Well-executed staging and compelling photography can make your property more attractive, helping to draw in prospective buyers or renters.

Learn more about Staging your Luxury Apartment for Sale.


Emphasize Outdoor Spaces and the Terrace

Creating a functional and comfortable terrace can significantly enhance the living experience, encouraging people to spend time outside and enjoy scenic views, such as those of the sea. The exterior of the building should also be well-maintained, featuring elements like gardens if possible. Most notably, adding amenities like a swimming pool and sun loungers can increase your property’s value. Such features not only improve your potential rental income but also make the property easier to sell in the future.

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Follow Market Trends

In keeping up with current trends in Saranda, one noticeable demand is for buildings with swimming pools, as they are quite rare in the area of Saranda. Properties with pools can significantly increase rental value—by as much as 50%—and tend to attract more tenants. When people use filters on platforms like Airbnb and, your property is more likely to stand out as one of the few that offer both great views and a swimming pool.

To locate such exclusive apartments in Saranda, it’s essential to work with a reputable real estate agent who specializes in high-value listings. While these properties may come at a premium price, the long-term benefits, including higher rental income and increased property value, often justify the initial investment.

Invest in Your Luxury Apartments Value in Saranda

Investing in the value of your luxury apartments in Saranda is a wise decision, whether you aim to sell it eventually or continue enjoying the high-end lifestyle it provides. By following the tips outlined above, you can optimize your property’s potential and make it a coveted asset in Saranda’s competitive real estate market. Keep in mind that a well-maintained and strategically upgraded luxury apartment doesn’t just boost its financial value—it also elevates the quality of life for its residents.

For more details on the luxury apartments we have available for sale, as well as the latest market insights, feel free to contact Elites Realty Group!

By Vangjel Dhimo on September 20th, 2023