An Interview with Jakub B. Bączek | Poland’s Number One Speaker


We had the pleasure of interviewing Jakub B. Bączek Ambassador of the Mental Health Congress, MBA lecturer, and author of over 26 books and articles in esteemed publications like Harvard Business Review. Specializing in mental preparation, he’s worked with athletes ranging from footballers to Olympians. He founded the Academy of Mental Trainers™, highly rated for its depth by 98.7% of respondents, and is Poland’s number one speaker. His entrepreneurial ventures, such as STAGEMAN and Stewardess Academy, further attest to his proven effectiveness.

In this interview, we’ll delve into his experience purchasing property in Saranda five years ago, discuss the rapid digitalization of Albania’s real estate buying process, and explore what makes Saranda so special. Additionally, we’ll touch on the remarkable 300% increase in property values in Saranda and examine how the area is becoming increasingly popular on the global stage.

Could you share your experience from the first day you visited Saranda to how it has evolved over the past five years?

The first time I visited was in 2016, and it was striking because the city seemed almost empty! The streets and parking lots were empty, despite the numerous real estate opportunities. Fast forward to seven years later, and I found myself stuck in a 30-minute traffic jam upon my return. There was a prevailing stereotype suggesting that investing in this country—seen as being on the wild of Europe—would be risky. But I took a chance, perhaps out of bravery or maybe you need to be a bit crazy, believing that being among the first to invest from Poland could offer higher returns than for those who followed.

If you didn’t tell our viewers this is Saranda, they might mistake it for Miami or Caribbean. It doesn’t initially appear to be the Balkans or Albania, but indeed, that’s where we are. I’m incredibly grateful to have met you and your father during my first visit to Albania and Saranda. My real estate investments here have appreciated by 200 to 300% over the past seven years. What about the rental?

Vangjel, could you please talk about the Rentals for our viewers?

Surprisingly, the tourist season this year started in April instead of the usual June and is expected to last until October, which bodes well for rental income. Would you agree?

Yes, now our tourism season spans six months, making us comparable to destinations like Spain and Greece. So being here, you could easily forget you’re actually in Saranda.

As for the winter weather, Vangel, how is it? Can one expect warm, rain-free days?

The climate varies, but statistically, we enjoy about 300 sunny days a year. Rainfall is generally limited to one month, either in January or February, and the lowest temperatures hover around 10 degrees Celsius. So even in winter, you might find a sunny afternoon to relax in or, if you’re adventurous, to take a dip in the sea. Given global warming, temperatures are expected to rise slightly each year, offering another reason to visit or invest in Saranda. While climate change has its downsides, focusing on the positive can often yield better outcomes.

Were you aware that there have been significant changes to the property buying process?

I remember thinking I’d have to bring all the paperwork from Poland just to buy or sell an apartment here. How has the process changed from seven years ago when you had to carry all the papers yourself?

The process is much simpler now. You don’t have to manually take certificates from the registration office to the notary like before. Now, a single phone call gets it all started. The notary accesses the system, applies for the certificate, and within a week, it’s ready. Depending on your nationality, the contract can be in various languages like Polish, Italian, French, or English.

So, as a Polish investor, I could get the contract in both Albanian for government records and Polish for my own understanding?

Yes, exactly. You’ll initially have the original contract, translate it, read it, and then sign it. The entire registration process takes about a week. Once it’s complete, the money is transferred to the seller, and you get a certificate ensuring the transaction’s safety.

So, the entire process has moved online?

Absolutely, and the government is even considering implementing blockchain technology for property registration. This could allow people to pay with cryptocurrencies and further streamline the system, minimizing the risk of extra costs. That’s the future we’re heading toward.

jakub Bączek, this is for the viewers who are watching us live right now:

How to Find a Purpose in Life and Always be Happy?

Well, take a piece of paper, silence your phone, make sure you are not disturbed and ask yourself this one question, what needs to happen for me to have a higher level of happiness in life and write down the answers that come to your mind. It may turn out that you are the best mental coach for yourself. All you have to do is fill this sheet with your heart and mindfulness. Fill it with your ideas, and the answers to these types of questions will be a signpost to a good life. If you are looking for inspiration, check out examples of goals in a person’s life.

Here are some questions about the purpose of life:

What would you like to do if you found out that you have a year to live?

Think about what would bring you joy and fulfillment this year. Think about how you want to be remembered and what words you would like to read on your obituary. When you decide to take out an insurance policy, you are not planning an accident, so do not be afraid of these thoughts, because they are the ones that trigger the most creativity and honesty.

Would you do the same thing you do now if you didn’t have to earn money?

Imagine not having to work for financial security and not having to earn money. It’s not as abstract as it may seem. In some countries (including Australia, Canada, Namibia, USA and Poland) pilot projects with guaranteed income are carried out. Assume that you have enough money and will not run out of it for the rest of your life. Would you still be doing the work you are doing now? You can also look at it from the other side. What could you do absolutely for free as a volunteer? Is there anything you can do for others and not expect to be paid?

How do you spend your free time?

The way you spend your free time plays an important role in life and has a deeper meaning – even if it’s lazing around and the proverbial “doing nothing”. Think about what you actually like to do when you don’t have to do anything and you have free time? How do you spend your free time? Are you writing or reading? Do you like to watch series, movies or maybe development content on Youtube? An important question, do you like the role of the recipient or maybe the creator? Everyone has the same amount of time at their disposal during the day. How do you spend your time?

What do you dream about and are afraid to achieve it?

Good advice for dreamers: dreams don’t come true, dreams come true! Stop fantasizing, get out of your comfort zone and start acting, because dreams – although beautiful – will not come true by themselves. Make a business plan, plan your actions and take the first step towards making your dreams come true. Invest in a meeting with a mentor or talk to trusted people who are kind to you. Talking about your intentions, visualizing and projecting them in space is something that will definitely help you start materializing your dreams.

Interview Conclusion

Thank you, jakub Bączek, for sharing such thoughtful advice on finding one’s purpose in life and pursuing happiness. Your methodical approach of introspection and self-inquiry is invaluable, offering a roadmap to a life well-lived. I’ll certainly be applying these techniques and questions to my own journey.

It’s been a pleasure to have this valuable and natural conversation with you here in Saranda. The privilege of hosting you and your people is always ours. We look forward to welcoming you back soon to continue this meaningful dialogue.

If you want to find more valuable insights about the purpose of life then you should visit Jakub’s website for sure! It is