The Above All Else Penthouse – A Uniqe State of The Art Property


The Elite Penthouse for sale in Saranda, Albania is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, currently highlighted as a Diamond property by Elite’s Realty Group. Saranda’s top architects, and our Team with 30 years of experience in Saranda’s high-end market, have masterfully designed this property.

elite penthouse for sale in saranda at elite resort above all else

Marked As Elite’s Realty Diamonds

Strategically located at the center of Saranda’s most prestigious area, Elite Resort is notable for being the city’s only beachfront residential building resort. It boasts 3 swimming pools, two of which are already complete. The resort is also set to introduce the first gym and spa facilities in the area.

Positioned on the 6th floor, the penthouse spans 247.89m² and ensures maximum privacy and tranquility. Thanks to its elevated location it ensures to provide unparalleled views, leaving nothing more to desire. These include full frontal sea viewscityscapesmountain views, scenic landscapes, stunning sunsets, and expansive vistas stretching to Corfu Island. Additionally, it offers clear sights of Ksamil and Butrinti Lake, situated 15km away.

“Amidst the vast 247.89m² terrace, surrounded by sleek glass railings, one feels as if flying above everyone else.”

elite penthouse in saranda at elite resort

Customizable Luxury: Private Terrace and Exclusive Amenities

It offers a flexible floor plan, with options ranging from 5 to 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, customizable according to the new owner’s preferences.This property also features an additional private 247.89m² terrace equipped with glass railings, ideal for a variety of luxury amenities such as a spacious lounge area, jacuzzi, BBQ, sauna, and more.Elite Resort includes a two-level parking facility for both residents and guests. The interior design and furnishings are open for the future owner to personalize, with our architects available for free consulting.

Strategic Location

The ground floor features three large swimming pools, two with sea views, and future plans for a gym and spa. Conveniently located, the Elite penthouse for sale in Saranda offers easy access to a plethora of luxury amenities, including beaches, renowned restaurants, resorts, clubs, and supermarkets, all within a 5-minute walk. This vibrant area remains active throughout the year, making it a standout choice.

The property is perfectly situated; a 15-minute walk leads to the city’s famous promenade, and the Ksamil Islands are a short 15-minute drive away, accessible via a newly built fast lane.

Managed By Elite’s Realty Group

Managed exclusively by our highly skilled and dedicated team, Elite Resort stands as a beacon of excellence in property management, ensuring comprehensive maintenance and top-tier services for all its residential and rental properties. With a strong commitment to quality and attention to detail, our team provides an unparalleled living experience, ensuring that every aspect of the resort is maintained to the highest standards.

This exquisite penthouse, prominently positioned for sale in Saranda, represents a rare gem in the real estate market. It is not just a residence, but a statement of luxury and exclusivity, crafted for those who seek the very best in life. The penthouse combines the elegance of modern design with the warmth of a home, offering a unique living experience that blends comfort, style, and sophistication.

It’s a lifestyle choice for the discerning individual who values luxury, privacy, and exclusivity.