Street Butrinti the most Famous Area in Saranda


Butrinti Street in Saranda is the crown jewel of the city, often one of the first images that springs to mind when Saranda is mentioned. With its origins tracing back several decades, this iconic street has evolved into a symbol of sophistication and distinctiveness. This comprehensive area guide offers an intimate exploration of Butrinti Street, providing a thorough understanding of its unique character and the luxurious lifestyle it embodies.


Butrinti Street, stretching 5km along Saranda’s scenic coastline, is a rapidly emerging hotspot, highly coveted by tourists and investors alike the past 15 years. This modern thoroughfare boasts an array of newly constructed buildings, luxurious hotels, and prestigious restaurants, catering to those seeking a luxury experience. The street is lined with fashionable shops and boutiques, offering everything from high-end fashion to traditional souvenirs, making it a perfect blend of modernity and local culture. Its popularity among investors is evident, with its upscale real estate being ideal for luxury living. Butrinti Street is rapidly becoming the epitome of opulence in Saranda, attracting those desiring a lavish lifestyle.

holistic photo of street butrinti in saranda albania
Butrinti Street in one aerial photo.

For the purpose of this Area Guide, we will be dividing Butrinti Street in Saranda into three distinct sub-areas:

Area A, the lively promenade of Butrinti Street in Saranda, will encompass the first kilometer, stretching from the beachfront to the city’s main thoroughfare. This vibrant area is home to the top-rated hotels and nightclubs in Saranda, catering to those who seek entertainment and fun.

Area B, the heart of Butrinti Street in Saranda, the third kilometer stands out as the central part of the area. Within a compact 300-meter stretch, this section has alll the most luxurious buildings, renowned restaurants, and premier resorts in the region. This vibrant and exclusive core of Butrinti Street encapsulates the essence of luxury and sophistication, making it the most sought-after destination for both locals and visitors alike. We are proud to have located all our exclusive buildings in this upscale area.

Area C, of Butrinti Street in Saranda, extending from the third to the fifth kilometer, is renowned for its diverse array of offerings. This stretch is not just home to secluded and upscale regions like Saranda Panorama and Tranquil Heights, but it also boasts some of the finest and largest sandy beaches in the area, including popular spots like Mango Beach and La Cueva. Alongside these beautiful beaches, the area is peppered with vibrant nightclubs and beach clubs, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment for visitors and locals alike. This unique combination of luxurious accommodations, stunning beaches, and lively nightlife gives Area C a distinct character within Saranda.


Butrinti Street allows for convenient access to major roads leading to other parts of Saranda and beyond. The Saranda Port is just a short distance away, offering connections to Corfu and other destinations. Within a few minutes, one can immerse in the cultural richness of Saranda’s Older Part, savor traditional Albanian cuisine, and wander through charming streets that capture the essence of the city’s history.

Butrinti Street is also an ideal starting point for exploring the region’s notable attractions:

  • Lekursi Castle: 4km 10 min drive
  • Ksamil Islands: 14km, 20 min drive
  • Saranda city center & Promenade : 2km, 5 min drive
  • Butrint National Park: 18km, 30 min drive
  • Synagogue and Basilica of Saranda: 3km, 7 min drive

For those interested in discovering more about Saranda’s prime locations, we offer a section dedicated to guides on the city’s most sought-after areas.

street butrinti



On Butrinti Street in Saranda, the first kilometer from its start features buildings that adhere to standard architectural designs, typically around 18 years old. This stretch of the street predominantly comprises residential buildings and older structures that are characterized by their simplicity and functionality.

In contrast, this area has also witnessed the development of new, luxurious hotels, standing out with their modern amenities and upscale design. These hotels have been reconstructed to meet luxurious standards, offering a blend of contemporary comfort and elegance. They stand as a testament to the evolving landscape of Butrinti Street, where traditional architecture and modern luxury converge.

street butrinti in saranda albania the promenade
The main Promenade in Saranda, Albania.


Area B, situated within the third kilometer of Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, stands out as a notably luxurious segment of the city. This area is renowned for hosting the most luxurious properties, each boasting top-notch facilities within a short walking distance. It’s a place where the elite’s real estate dreams become reality, featuring exclusive buildings that epitomize luxury living.

In Area B, the properties are distinguished by their lavish features. Villas in this area often include expansive gardens with private pools, ensuring a secluded and upscale living experience. These homes are set apart on sizeable plots, offering ample space and privacy. Architectural styles vary depending on the homeowner’s preference, but there’s a distinct lean towards modern aesthetics. The trend of building contemporary villas and penthouses has gained momentum here, reflecting a shift towards a more modern and sophisticated lifestyle.

street butrinti in saranda albania


In the area C along Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, the average age of buildings is relatively new, with most being about 7 years old. This area is particularly noted for its stunning beaches and a range of newly constructed hotels that cater to both tourists and locals seeking a luxurious coastal experience. The recent development in this area underscores its growing popularity as a prime destination in Saranda.

Moreover, area C encompasses a neighborhood of villas that offer a more secluded and exclusive living experience, as it is situated farther from the bustling city center. This blend of modern hotels and private villas creates a unique and diverse architectural landscape. The villas, in particular, provide a sense of tranquility and privacy, making them highly sought after by those who prefer a more serene environment, away from the urban hustle.

Below is a property tour we filmed in a €1,000,000 villa in Saranda, Albania in Area C of Street Butrinti.


Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, offers a diverse array of living options, catering to various budgets. This versatility in housing types, including apartments, villas, and penthouses, leads to a broad price spectrum, thereby attracting a wide range of buyers. It’s important to highlight that the property prices on Butrinti Street vary significantly based on the type of property, with the price range starting from €110,000 and going up to €1,000,000.

AREA A in Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, features a range of properties with varying prices, influenced by factors such as proximity to key locations and property type. Properties on this street start at a price of €110,000, stretching up to €400,000. This price variation is dependent on the specific characteristics of each property. For instance, the cost of an apartment may be on the lower end of this spectrum, while larger homes or those with prime locations and views command higher prices. It’s important to note that factors like proximity to the beach and the quality of views from the property play a significant role in determining the final price.

In Area B of Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, the property prices showcase a significant range, starting from €120,000 and going as high as €900,000. This variation in pricing is largely dependent on the specific attributes and types of properties available. For instance, more modest properties, such as smaller apartments or homes, might be priced at the lower end of this spectrum. In contrast, larger, more luxurious properties, potentially with premium features or locations, could command prices closer to the upper limit of €900,000. This pricing structure allows for a diverse range of options, catering to different preferences and budgets of those interested in the real estate market of this area.

In Area C of Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, the real estate market presents a diverse range of pricing, particularly notable for its apartments and exclusive villas. The price for apartments in this area can reach up from 110,000 up to €600,000, reflecting a variety of sizes and amenities. However, a standout feature in this locality is the Palmera Villa Resort, renowned for being the only one of its kind in the city. The villas in this luxurious resort have reached the notable mark of €1,000,000. This high price point is indicative of the premium quality, exclusive amenities, and exceptional location that the Palmera Villa Resort offers, making it a prestigious and sought-after residential option in Saranda and also a rental option.

The One Penthouse in AREA B in Butrinti Street, Saranda.


In Butrinti Street, Saranda, finding a land plot near the beach is quite rare. However, when available, the prices for these land parcels currently range from €150,000 to €1,000,000. This price variation is largely dependent on the size of the land and its proximity to the beach. The closer the land is to the beach and the larger its area, the higher the price tends to be. This pricing reflects the high demand and value of beach-proximate land in this sought-after location.


Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, is renowned as one of the best places to live, offering distinct experiences throughout the year. In winter, it becomes a quiet haven, providing a peaceful retreat. Conversely, in summer, it transforms into a vibrant area where one can experience everything that Saranda has to offer. Its proximity to both the beach and city amenities boosts its appeal significantly.

Known for its high-end appeal and family-friendly atmosphere, Butrinti Street is a sought-after location for home-buyers. It’s a place where families can find a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, contributing to its reputation as a prime residential area in Saranda.


Saranda’s promenade, a picturesque stretch along the Ionian Sea, is the heart of the city’s vibrant life. Lined with palm trees, this bustling walkway offers stunning sea views and a lively atmosphere. Visitors can explore an array of charming cafes, traditional restaurants, and trendy bars, perfect for experiencing local cuisine and nightlife. The promenade is also home to unique shops selling artisanal crafts and souvenirs. During the evenings, the area transforms into a social hub where locals and tourists alike enjoy leisurely strolls, street performances, and the captivating aura of Saranda’s seaside charm.

elite penthouse for sale in saranda at elite resort above all else
The Above All Else Penthouse in Butrinti Street.


The beaches on Rruga Butrinti, on the other hand, are more touristic, lined with numerous hotels, apartment complexes, bars, and restaurants. While most of these beaches are privately operated, they are usually accessible for free to patrons of the adjacent facilities, or for a small fee or rental of beach equipment to non-guests. Among the favorites in this area are Santa Quaranta Beach, and Mango Beach.

Each beach has its unique charm, whether it’s the family-friendly ambiance or the party atmosphere for the young and energetic. Street Butrinti beaches and clubs are essential for anyone seeking a memorable seaside experience.

Sports and leisure activities along Street Butrinti in Saranda offer a blend of excitement and serenity, capitalizing on its scenic coastal location and the clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Water Sports: Street Butrinti’s proximity to the sea makes it an ideal spot for water sports. Activities like jet skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are popular here, providing an exhilarating way to enjoy the stunning coastal scenery.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: The crystal-clear waters near Street Butrinti are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, allowing enthusiasts to explore vibrant marine life and underwater formations.

Boat Trips: Boat trips are a must-do activity in this area. These excursions often lead to secluded beaches and other coastal attractions, offering a unique perspective of Saranda’s beautiful coastline.

Natural Attractions: The Blue Eye, a natural spring around 20 km from Street Butrinti, is a significant attraction. Its mesmerizing blue waters are not only a visual treat but also offer a unique swimming experience.

Beach Relaxation: The beaches along Street Butrinti, such as the famous Mirror Beach, are perfect for those looking to unwind by the sea, offering clear waters and picturesque settings.

Mango Beach in Butrinti Street.


Children living on Butrinti Street in Saranda, Albania, can enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle. This area offers an array of enjoyable activities suitable for young ones. They can indulge in swimming at the nearby beach or have fun in local swimming pools. Additionally, a plethora of activities is easily accessible, often within walking distance. This includes options like watersports, playgrounds, and various cafes, among others, providing diverse ways for kids to stay engaged and entertained.

For parents, the safety of their children is a paramount concern. Fortunately, Butrinti Street is known for its secure environment, allowing parents to feel at ease knowing their children are safely exploring and enjoying the neighborhood. This sense of security, combined with the wide range of child-friendly activities, makes Butrinti Street an ideal location for families.


Street Butrinti in Saranda, Albania, is renowned for its array of luxurious properties, boasting some of the most sought-after buildings and villas in the region. Among these, the Palmera Villa Resort stands out, a stunning property valued at €700,000, which found its new owner in 2022 through a direct sale. These villas have gained immense popularity in Saranda and throughout southern Albania, thanks in part to effective social media marketing campaigns from the Elite’s Realty Group team.

Another notable property is THE ONE penthouse, located in the prestigious Golden Beach Residence – the most esteemed building in Saranda. Initially sold in 2021 for €600,000, this penthouse is back on the market with an increased price tag of €900,000, reflecting its exceptional value and appeal. Learn more here.

In May 2023, the Nautilus Apartment set a record as the most expensive apartment ever sold for €360,000 in the area. Situated on the third floor of Golden Beach Residence it epitomizes luxury and exclusivity.

Additionally, the Elite Resort hosts the ABOVE ALL ELSE PENTHOUSE, a renowned and prestigious property currently on sale for €495,000. This penthouse is considered a jewel within Saranda’s real estate landscape, offering unparalleled luxury at an attractive price, alongside many other exceptional apartments. Click the link to view more.


Street Butrinti in Saranda, known for its vital role in local transportation, offers unrestricted movement as it is a key route for navigating the city. Like many upscale areas, certain residential zones along Street Butrinti are safeguarded by barriers, operational both day and night, with dedicated security hubs monitoring activities. To enhance safety, speed limits are stringently enforced throughout Street Butrinti. Originally set at 40km/h, these limits have been reduced to 20km/h to minimize traffic-related incidents.

Given Street Butrinti’s proximity to the center of Saranda, numerous police stations are conveniently located in the vicinity. This ensures a swift and effective response in emergencies. Additionally, local 24 hour police patrols are a routine sight along Street Butrinti.

Gated communities like Palmera Villa Resort within Street Butrinti provide extra security with on-site personnel and patrol guards. For villas, especially those near the promenade, enhanced safety is ensured through individual gates and private entrances.

To discover more about safety and security in Saranda, as well as healthcare services, be sure to check out our informative blog.

street butrinti in saranda albania


Saranda Elites Realty Group, a firm established on 30 years of experience and trust, has a strong presence in Street Butrinti and throughout Saranda. Our portfolio in Street Butrinti currently boasts over 120+ apartments for rent, alongside managing various ongoing projects. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of properties for sale, including villas, penthouses, and properties under construction. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in your property search and guide you through every step of your purchase or sale process.

Saranda Elites Realty Group, a prominent real estate firm in Saranda, Albania, has achieved the milestone of selling over 200 properties on luxury-centric Street Butrinti. Key to this success is the Palmera Villas Resort, sold for €700,000 in 2022, showcasing the effectiveness of our social media marketing. The ONE penthouse at Golden Beach Residence, initially sold for €600,000 in 2021 and now valued at €900,000, highlights our portfolio’s exceptional quality. In May 2023, we set a record with the Nautilus Apartment, the most expensive in the area, symbolizing ultimate luxury. Also featured is the ABOVE ALL ELSE PENTHOUSE in Elite Resort, listed at €495,000. Mirroring Saranda Elites Realty Group dominance in Saranda’s luxury market, we specialize in exclusive, high-end properties, making us a leader in Saranda’s real estate scene.

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