Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist When Investing in Albania


When you start investing in property, the idea of due diligence of real estate in Albania (checking everything about the property) might seem hard. There are lots of things to look at, and it can feel like it will take forever to check everything. But, this worry isn’t true. Even though many people think it takes a year, it usually only takes about thirty days to do all this checking.

real estate in Albania due diligence checklist

The Due Diligence Process: A Collaborative and Exciting Journey

At first, doing all the checks in thirty days might seem like too much. But with a good team to help, it becomes doable and can even be fun, kind of like an Easter egg hunt. It’s exciting because you find things you didn’t expect, both good and bad, just like when you’re looking for Easter eggs as a kid.

Being ready is really important in this process. It’s not as simple as just carrying an Easter basket. You start by already knowing a lot about the property and real estate in Albania. This knowledge makes you feel confident that you can fix any problems you find. Also, if you find out about big repairs that are needed, it can help you later. You might be able to lower the price you pay for the property because of these issues. Finding these kinds of big issues, or ‘golden eggs’, can really change how you negotiate the deal.

The Comprehensive Due Diligence Checklist

After years of learning and experience, a really thorough checklist for due diligence has been made. This checklist is a must-have and it has been improved over time to cover many different situations. It’s split into several important parts.

  1. File Audit: This step verifies potential income calculations, ensuring the presence of binding rental agreements, accurate rent rolls, and appropriate security deposits. It also assesses the quality of current residents, including their payment history and background checks.
  2. Interior Inspection: Focusing on the physical condition of the property, this inspection reveals the quality of residents and potential impacts on future cash flow. It involves examining resident lifestyles, rental unit occupancy, appliance conditions, and signs of significant damage or pest problems.
  3. Government Agency Reviews: Ensuring compliance with government standards, this review covers fire code violations, permit issues, environmental concerns, and ownership complications like zoning or encroachment.
  4. Service Agreement Review: This involves assessing existing service commitments and exploring ways to improve or renegotiate them.
  5. Exterior Inspections: Evaluating exterior components like roofing, AC systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, and landscaping, this step identifies necessary repairs and maintenance.

The culmination of this inspection process is an estimated cost for each item, enabling informed negotiations with the seller.

Beyond Physical Inspection: Books and Records Review

Equally crucial is the examination of the property’s operational aspects. This entails a detailed analysis of income and expense statements, service agreements, rent rolls, utility bills, and payroll information. Such scrutiny not only reveals the current financial health of the real estate in Albania but also identifies potential for future income optimization.

Due Diligence as a Pillar of Success

Due diligence is a key step to succeeding when investing in real estate in Albania. It’s an exciting time when you find out new things, plan your approach, and set the stage for good deals. This careful process is not just for finding issues, but also for spotting chances – the special ‘golden eggs’ that can make your property investment profitable.

If you need help with due diligence, contact us now and our experienced team of specialists will do everything for you when investing, ensuring that you’re fully informed and confident in your real estate decisions.