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Coralia offers a unique opportunity among the Elite apartments for sale in Saranda, Albania recognized as a Premium property by Elite’s Realty Group. Designed by the leading architects of Saranda and perfected by our team with 30 years of expertise in the luxury market of Saranda, this apartment stands out with its meticulous design.

Located in the heart of Saranda’s most famous area, Elite Resort is considered as the city’s only beachfront residential building resort. It is home to 3 swimming pools, with two already operational.

Located on the second floor, the apartment covers an area of 100.9m², offering both peace and privacy. Its advantageous position guarantees extraordinary views that leave nothing to the imagination. These encompass clear views of Saranda city, the serene mountains on the left, and expansive views that stretch to Corfu Island in the front, providing a unique blend of urban, natural, and island views.

“From this vantage point, surrounded by the beauty of Saranda, Corfu, and the mountains, the apartment offers a distinct sense of serenity and elevation.”

This apartment is well laid out with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, tailored for optimal living space. Elite Resort boasts a dual-level parking facility for both its residents and guests. The interior design and furnishings are yet to be personalized, with our architects ready to offer free consulting.

The ground floor is equipped with three expansive swimming pools, two of which offer sea views, along with upcoming plans for a gym and spa. Situated ideally, the Elite 2 bedroom apartment in Saranda ensures a minute access to a wide range of luxury amenities, such as beaches, renowned restaurants, resorts, clubs, and supermarkets, all within a 5-minute stroll. This vibrant area stays lively all year round, highlighting its appeal.

The property’s prime location is just a 15-minute walk to the city’s celebrated promenade, and the Ksamil Islands are a mere 15-minute drive, reachable through a recently constructed fast lane.

Managed exclusively by our devoted team, Elite Resort offers extensive maintenance and services for both residential and rental properties.

Among apartments for sale in Saranda, Albania, this exceptional Elite 2 bedroom apartment stands as a unique proposition in the real estate market, blending luxury with distinctiveness.

Price: 182,000€


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Street Butrinti - the most Famous Area in Saranda

Butrinti Street,stretching 5km along Saranda’s scenic coastline, is a rapidly emerging hotspot, highly coveted by tourists and investors alike the past 15 years. This modern thoroughfare boasts an array of newly constructed buildings, luxurious hotels, and prestigious restaurants, catering to those seeking a luxury experience. 

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